Friday, November 21, 2008


You have all watched my involvement in local politics from back in the Davis days of fighting for our neighborhood school to be built as promised. That was the motivation for creating this blog back in 2004. It was a place to express my frustration with the lack of foresight that our elected and appointed officials were operating with or without.

It has been a while since i was very involved in much going on. Part of that was due to having 3 young kids, part of that was moving to a new community and getting perspective on what is occuring in our community and local government.

Now I have placed the gloves back on. Save Disc Golf will be our rallying cry! I am far too tired of the story already to go into detail about all that has occured in the last 20 years and the culmination of that last Tuesday night. You can read the history of the council meeting and the commentary on Lon Glazner's Blog. We are launching a referendum drive if the council does not take some immediate official action on the things they are promising under the table.

So we simply are going to need you! If you are a Chico registered voter we are going to need your signature or need your assistance in gathering the ~8000 signatures we need. Here are some more details on the upcoming whirlwind process.

And here is a response to someone who was frustrated that Disc Golf supportors keep saying that the "Council decision has removed families from Bidwell Park..."

It all still continues to boggle the mind...

Mark, I also don't believe Lon is implying that they have "banned" families from the park. We all know there are many alternative family activities in the park. But consider the following theoretical scenario:

Let's imagine that our family has a tradition of every saturday morning going to the Farmer's Market and then heading up to the HWY 32 courses for disc golf and a lovely picnic. My kids are young, but i still get beat by the little weasels. They love the competition and challenge of trying to get their discs to the tone poles. In fact it has really assisted in their athletic and coordination development.

Now since the council vote we are forced with a choice. We could go to Sherwood Forest, but my kids play there often and are looking for something a little more challenging and different. We could also drive to another city and play and picnic there.

The net result is the council decision has "Removed" our family from being able to continue our saturday morning tradition. We are well aware that the council did not create "family detectors" that zap us as we enter the park. They just made a decision that forces us to go elsewhere, thus removing our activity.

Instead we are having to drive to O-town, stopping at their donut shop and then never making it to disc golf because the donuts cause such a ruckus with my kids. My wife is upset that i stopped the car at a donut shop and now we are not talking. This all leads the kids on to a path of self-destruction that ultimately leads to prison for all three of my kids.


PS: This is a theoretical situation. My wife and i have never been in a fight.



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