Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In response to Josephine's letter in the paper today and in particular the following quote:

"Instead of working with the city to find a new location, they are obstructing implementation of the entire Bidwell Park management plan using
fear-based myths. "

1. Disc Golf supporters have been working with the city to find a new location. Please refresh yourself on the last couple of decades of disc golf history. Every attempt to locate an alternate location has lead back to the current location being the most suitable.

2. Yes, i concede I am using fear-based myths. I think that is very appropriate in this situation. I am honestly afraid of losing additional recreation in our park. That is my true fear. I fear my kids will be limited in their ability to hike, bike, swim, disc golf and more.

Every day when i ride my bike through the park to work, (because even as a disc golfer, i do consider myself to be an environmentalist...) I look around and hope that I am wrong. That is the fear that that I face each day. Perhaps it it is irrational, perhaps it is purely myth, but in my opinion the council's decision opened the door to future reduction in recreation opportunities.

There is no other conclusion to draw when we have far greater intensive recreation occuring all over the park and we are being told that disc golf is too intensive. One group of opponents pushed for disc golf to be removed, who is to say that won't happen to hiking, biking and more?

I admit it, I am a fear-monger. I fear the park will become a nature preserve. I love nature preserves. I have visited many. But Bidwell is meant to be a place where nature and recreation co-exist. So I will continue to ask for signatures. I collect them not to save disc golf. But because i fear losing something far greater and special... the place my kids run, play and explore each day. I sincerely hope you are right and this fear is purely a myth...




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