Wednesday, December 17, 2008

you put your weed in it...

I recently caught sight of a couple of drunk, weed smoking disc golfers in the park. It is stunning how they are ruining our community:

Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to the paper today:

Over the previous few weeks it has been disheartening to witness and experience first-hand the attitude and attacks by those who oppose disc golf. Letters in the paper, phone calls, and personal conversations have often been filled with degrading stereotypes, profanity laced tirades and even harassing phone calls to people’s homes by those who seek to keep disc golf out of Bidwell Park.

Disc golf supporters have recently sat at the table with city officials and opponents and attempted to compromise. The only compromise offered by opponents has been to close the courses and study other possible locations. (locations that are already known to be impossible or impractical for disc golf) The entire debate centers around the fact that the Bidwell Park Plan supported a number of compromises and the council chose the only option that contained no compromise for recreationists. We want to work to make our park recreational as well as more environmentally nurturing. We are willing to compromise.

The referendum effort has been an incredible experience of community involvement. The wide cross-section of our community that I have encountered and worked alongside has increased my love for the Chico community. The absolutely unwillingness to compromise and derogatory attitude of disc opponents has been greatly discouraging. I applaud the council’s decision to reconsider their previous vote at the next council meeting. I simply ask for reason and compromise by all who are involved and a new decision that accurately represents the views of our community.

I referred to the council decision to reconsider disc golf. You can read about that here.



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